How to book a telephone or video appointment

Just like face to face appointments, there are three ways to book a telephone or video consult:

  1. Book via the HotDoc app
  2. Book on HotDoc via our website (add link to hotdoc booking page -
  3. Call reception on (03) 9836 1366

How to prepare for a telephone or video appointment

  • Try to be prepared, with a short list of what you need to discuss. If you have booked a standard appointment, these are 15 minutes long. That gives us about 10-12 minutes to discuss your problem before we need to spend time writing notes, and ordering tests or prescriptions for you.
  • At the time of your appointment, try and find somewhere quiet to sit where you can hear, and be heard. • If you have booked a telephone consultation, the doctor will call you on the number you specify.
  • If you have booked a video consultation and we wait for 5 minutes and you haven't been able to log in to the video chat, we'll call on the telephone instead.
  • Just like in real life, we are definitely going to run late sometimes. If we're a few minutes late, please be patient. If we're more than 15 minutes late, call the practice and get one of our receptionists to check on things for you - a GP's day rarely goes to plan and there are lots of reasons why we may be running late.
  • If you need prescriptions, tests, or referrals to other health care professionals, we will send these on your behalf directly where they need to go.

How to log in for a video appointment

    • You can use a smartphone, tablet, or computer. You will need to have either Apple's Safari browser, or Google Chrome - the program won't load with other browers.
    • Just like a normal appointment, it will really help if you can be waiting and ready for the appointment because it will cut down on how much of your appointment is spent just trying to get connected.
    • Click the link for our telehealth waiting room (see the button above!), or go to
    • Enter your details when prompted
    • Make sure you click 'Allow' when the program asks for access to your camera and microphone! This is the most common step where things go wrong. • Wait for your GP to join the consult!!
    • For detailed instructions, see this factsheet

What video platform are you using? Is it private?

  • After trialling several different services, we have now settled on using the HealthDirect Video Consultation platform.
  • This is funded by the Australian Government, and uses a large, well-established health videoconferencing program called Coviu.
  • It does not retain any of your details, such as name or phone number
  • The consults are not recorded and no data is retained.

Not all of our GPs are current offering video appointments as of 24th April 2020. However, our video consult capacity is increasing all the time